• J-STD-001
• IPC-A-610
• uBGA, bump
• Ultra Fine Pitch
• 0201, 01005
• RoHS Compliance
• Class 3, J-Standard
• 2D / 3D X-Ray
• Selective Solder
• Flying Probe Test
• Functional Test
• 100% In-line AOI Inspection
PCB Assembly - BGA Reball - PCB Rework / Repair - PoP BGA - Electronics Manufacturing

Quickturn and Prototype PCB Assembly. That's what you need, that's what we do. We can support small engineering projects up to full turn-key, high volume production. Our Process Engineers are experts in high end, hard to build technology such as dual row QFN, multi row QFN and Package on Package BGA (also known as PoP BGA). BGA Reball and BGA Rework for both leaded and lead-free applications.
... geared towards the engineer.
PCB Assembly Process Verification

With in-house process verification tools like In-Line AOI Inspection, Xray and Ersascope you can build with confidence. Our systems and tools are fully integrated so images become instantly availabe to our prodcution team, process engineers and our customer. We have engineers on staff to program and develop Flying Probe and Functional Test.
Production Control and Tracking

Our ERP control software is used to track all PCB barcode scan activity from inventory through shipping. In addition, QCG has developed a proprietary software suite to provide real time visibility to product flow called the Heads Up Display system. This unique approach to production floor management provides ultra fast response time to customer engineering change orders (ECO) while product is still in flow. The ECO is distributed, reviewed and approved straight to the production floor in a highly visible and electronic manner with easy operator access to new instructions and drawings. This is one of the many attributes that makes QCG the quick turn leader in PCB production.
Small Business
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ITAR Registered
ISO 9001:2015
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All QCG technicians are certified to IPC-A-610F and JSTD-001FS (with Space Applications Addendum)
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