Ball Grid Array de-solder and re-solder
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BGA Reball / BGA Rework
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BGA Reball Service
• QCG's professional BGA Reballing service includes both Lead-Free and Leaded reball processes.

• Highly reliable and repeatable process means consistent results from QTY 1 to QTY 10,000.

• Digitally controlled temperature profile for both BGA pad prep and Reball.

• Convert existing lead-free BGA to a leaded BGA, fast turn around times at very affordable rates.

• Part number, devcie name, or part specification
• Specify Leaded or Lead-Free
• Tell us the quantity of BGAs for reball
BGA Rework Service - De-solder and Re-solder
• Benefit from a Process Engineer with extensive industry expertise in BGA rework.

• De-solder existing BGA's while protecting surrounding components.

• Site clean BGA land patterns to ensure a coplanar surface for re-soldering.

• Precision placement utilizing dual camera stereo optics for hyper-accurate alignment.

• Controlled custom thermal profiling.

• Xray and Ersascope verification.

• Quick turn at very competitve rates!
• What is the PCB board thickness? (.062", .090", .125" etc)
• Is a solder sample available? (A non-functional board.)
• Tell us the quantity of BGAs for rework.
• Do you prefer a water soluable or no-clean process?
• A photo of the BGA site and surrounding components is helpful.
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